Thursday, October 14, 2010

What, What, What Are You Doing

Here are some things I still haven't done. Man, I need to get on this France business.

  1. Go to Montmartre
  2. Eat more crêpes. I've only had 1, what is up with that?!
  3. Try some really strong cheese (yikes)
  4. Ride a boat on the Seine
  5. Rent a bike and attempt to see the sights in Paris from it
  6. Everything on Mireille Guiliano's favorites list
And here are a select few of the awesome things I have already done.

  1. Gone to see some awesome modern art for FREE and at NIGHT at the Nuit Blanche museum night in Paris.
  2. Navigated one or two French grocery stores, with results of delight and confusion. (Frosted Flakes = Frosties, and they don't have black beans here??! But you can get madeleines for super cheap, and I've been gorging myself - I mean, occasionally indulging myself in them...)
  3. Survived a transportation strike! And it's not even over yet.
  4. Started helping French high schoolers speak English (I love this so much more than I can say, they are absolute gems).
  5. Bought baguettes daily (well, at least for a few days, before I realized one baguette is meant for whole families and not just ME) and devoured them with either Brie or Nutella.
  6. Met amazing people from around the world at my assistant orientation (Trinidad, Dublin, Bristol, Toronto, the entire United States, and even Pleasant Hill, CA!!).
  7. Watched Secret Story, a French reality TV show, with a couple of actual French people and heard their commentary. It's basically Big Brother with the twist that all the housemates have secrets that everyone else has to figure out... The finale is coming up and... I don't really care haha.
  8. Reverted to franglais (French-English hybrid) only about 10% of the time. :) Granted, I speak English about 40% of the time, but let's not talk about that.

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  1. Hi, Alex! Please add to your to do list: Go to the Rodin Gallery. I'm not sure where it is, but I seem to recall it was either south of Paris or the southern part of Paris. You will see incredibly beautiful and large sculptures by Rodin. There are some displayed in the Louvre, but you get a better insight into Rodin by looking at his pieces at "his" gallery. Love, Mom