Sunday, October 17, 2010

Le rhume

So, wonderful: I have a cold. In France.

Who knows where I got it; it's probably just cold season. Or probably the high schoolers with their ever-present germs. Oh well; I always feel like a home is not a home  until you've spent a few days being sickly in it.

Anyway, hard to believe I've almost been in France for a month! I'll be traveling starting this weekend, for the Toussaint vacation. If all goes well, I'll get to go to Amsterdam on Friday (still a few glitches to work out), and then Marseille with Mara for a week right after that!


  1. Skype is very cool! Thank you for introducing it to me. I only saw it being used on Rachael Ray's show, and did not realize it was something that we "normal" people could use for free. But that was a year ago when I was watching her show. You and your generation never had to deal with caveman technology with calls through the Internet, so obviously all of us are very lucky to have Skype these days! Haha Regarding your cold, I think you will be fine with lots of clear fluids and rest. When you can get to a store, get some hand sanitizer if you are not already using it. I didn't see that you had left some at home, sooooo.... Ok, enough of my "mom" comments! Enjoy your vacation! Love, Mom

  2. Not just high schoolers get to have pretty germs Alex. haha Hope you are feeling better by now!!