Friday, October 22, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

It's a bit late, but I did write these yesterday, Thursday! It was a roller coaster day of emotions for me, alternating between anxiety, jubilance, anger and frustration, relief, gratitude, sinking resentment and, finally, calm.
  1. My friends and family
  2. Michael
  3. Not being afflicted with any severe psychological impairment... a weird thing to put on a TiLT, but I'm really grateful for this.
  4. Modern medicine
  5. The three students from one of my classes who helped me get past the blockade at the school gate on Wednesday
  6. Slowly but surely improving my body image (surprising, since I've been eating so many sweets and carbs haha)
  7. My roommate, even though we had a tough spot yesterday. It's been resolved and I'm so glad she is as wonderful as she is.
  8. The teachers at L'Essouriau for being so warm and welcoming
  9. Transportation, when it works
  10. Modern technology like Skype and the Internet, among many others like washing machines!
  11. Remembering that nothing is the end of the world
  12. Two of the sassier students in my first-year English class bringing me back down to earth with their upfront attitudes (it's going to be an interesting year with them I'm sure)
  13. Actually missing people acutely for the first time in my life and feeling the reciprocity
  14. The English language
  15. My proficiency in French
  16. America (I can't tell you how many times I have thanked my lucky stars that I was born there)
  17. Understanding catty French jokes about people behind their backs... I'm a terrible person
  18. Kinder Bueno cookies as a treat after a day of awful transportation woes on Wednesday
  19. Remembering that, health-wise, there is always someone worse off than me and I have so little to complain about
  20. Always feeling safe in my own head even when the outside world seems terrible.


  1. Hi, Alex! You are such a wonderful young person with an "old soul." That is a compliment, and you make me very proud every day when I see how much you appreciate life and the things that you experience (positive and negative).

    I especially felt connected to you when I read that you have an appreciation for washing machines. haha I recently (ok about 5 years ago) told someone how much I appreciate whoever invented washing machines. No particular reason for that specific piece of equipment, but I realized that I was born in the right era so that I did not have to use a scrub board or a local river to wash my clothes. It is always great to learn to appreciate the "little things." Love, Mom

  2. Im glad you are feeling better Alex, I hadn't read this for a while and then I did on Thursday and I was filled with jealousy (in a good way) of all your wonderful adventures, I'm sorry things are rough and still getting worked out but you will of course get a hold of things because you are a smart lady. I finally gotta computer with a web cam so we will have to skype one of these days that you have some free time.


  3. yay things i love thursdays!! ... i don't even remember what happened this last thursday :-p