Tuesday, February 8, 2011

On Teaching and Recentness

This post does a nice job of giving teachers and teachers-to-be a reality check: Things I've Learned From Teaching. I particularly like the point about how you have to just be prepared and go in and do your job, and it's not your fault if the kids aren't into it that day or whatever. Sometimes that can be rough but it's part of the job.

  • News about some interviews is around the bend.
  • I've been reading lots! (In English.)
  • Enjoying getting to know the good eggs of France that I've managed to meet.
  • Never been to so many doctors and free health clinics in my life! I secretly love it because it means I'm getting taken care of.
  • Coming home in just four days. Can't wait to run in the California winter weather. (Then again, I haven't been home for February in five years.)
  • Went for a run in the park today and it felt good. Sometimes I expect all my woes and troubles to flow out of me with my breath, but of course it doesn't happen like that. It does, however, happen in a more subtle, psychic release sort of way.
  • I'm so lucky to have found this host "mom" I'm staying with. Hearing about her life and everything she's been through makes me realize just how much bad stuff may lie ahead, but I feel solidarity with her and everyone else who has been through rough times, because the pain of my own is so recent. She's a very vibrant person and I like her outlook on life now that she's retrieved peace and has restarted the happiness cycle.

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  1. Hi, Bunnie! Congrats on finally (!!) finding a host who is more nurturing and kind than all the other hosts(esses)!!!! Also, you have quite a long layover in Charlotte because you have to go through customs there. I think you were confused because the departure flight from Charlotte to arrival in Chicago is about an hour and a half long.

    Sooooooo happy you will be home soon!!!!!!!

    I love you!