Thursday, February 10, 2011

"I thought you were French."

"I thought you were French when I first met you! When I heard you talk, I just thought you were a nice little Parisian girl who had her Parisian life here! Then, when I heard you speak English, I thought, 'Wow, she's really good at English... wait a second...'"

Music to my ears. The version of me that's on Cloud 9 right now is thinking, Well, I've reached my goal. Now I can finish the rest of my days not trying at all and eating pains au chocolat aux amandes (chocolate pastry with almonds, my current drug of choice - seriously, those things pack a caloric punch, it is not good for my heart or blood sugar). There is literally nowhere left to progress to if I've convinced a French person I was French!

The other me is simply pleased and triumphant and especially eager to have more amazing dinner conversations with my Japanese teacher and the only other student of the original six who remains.

In other news, work is the stupidest thing, as usual. Please note: not complaining, because, hey, money. But seriously, allofmycomplaintscondensedintoasingleword!!! Ah that feels better.