Thursday, April 21, 2011

しゃしん (Photos)

I'm going to Strasbourg tomorrow for the weekend! How about some pictures, as a lovely non sequitur?

Went to the Château de Vincennes, an old prison where King Charles somebody also hung out to do king work stuff.

There was a chapel at the castle. Plain but pretty! Like me? haha

My friend N and I hung out in the grass at the castle.

At the entrance to the giant Parc Floral de Paris.

Tulips for you, Mom!

Just thought this was funny - the bank is warning thieves that all violent threats are "useless," since the employees don't have keys to the important stuff. I just like the dryness of the French saying "all your leetle threats, zey are useless."

You know, regular Saturday afternoon.

Eating violet (!) and mint chip ice cream at the Musée Rodin.

Favorite #1 "Le Baiser" (the kiss)

Favorite #2, a ballet pose.

Japanese classmate (French), former Japanese teacher (Japanese), me!

Small town bakery, big time Easter enthusiasm

I got a haircut (well, trim) in French!!!

Wary looks at the all-uphill walk, which I finally documented in photos. Those will come soon...


  1. Yay! Thanks for the tulips! See you soon!!! Love,Mom

  2. I can't wait til you come home and i'm gonna look at ALL the pictures! and learn you some kanji! and learn me some guitar! and maybe some good english, too.