Friday, January 14, 2011


I have been passive-aggressively forced to move out of my "home" in France, my students are unmotivated delinquents, and tonight I cut myself on a broken glass while doing dishes and had to be driven to the emergency room by the French teacher hosting me while I find a new place to live.

The only thing good about France right now is that Michael's here, and tada! He's leaving on Monday. Bon courage to me...


  1. Alex,

    I am so sorry that all of this seems to be happening at the same time! I cut myself too on broken glass, but I did not have to be rushed to the hospital! Hang in there!

    Miss you, e-mail me if you need anything or if I can do anything :(

  2. I'm fine, just had to get my finger glued up (no stitches because apparently I have really fine skin like a child, so it'll close back up easily), inconvenienced my host, her boyfriend, and Michael for a few hours in the middle of the night, and felt highly embarrassed for crying in the emergency room because of how much I hate hospitals haha... Thank you for your support and concern though guys!!

  3. Glad that you are ok now. How cool for you that you did not have to have stitches. Love, Mom