Monday, November 1, 2010

Live and Learn

VIE DE MERDE, you guys!! FML! I missed my train back to Paris from Marseille haha. The most hilarious part is that I missed it because I was waiting for my food at... MacDo HAHAHA yes, laugh with me please, it'll make me feel less like an idiot...

Luckily, the "12-25" discount travel card I have allows for one instance of stupidity, and I've changed my ticket for a mere (that should be in quotes) €17 (because I already paid like €60 for this half of the trip). Also luckily, MacDo has free WiFi, and also luckily, I speak French enough to be funny and self-deprecating with the ticket agent, and also luckily, this train station is not all outside...

I feel dumb.

ETA: I'm back, safe and sound! :)


  1. I think it's a great story! One put in the memory books!!!!

    It just proves how amazing the food in France is!

  2. lol, i'm laughing with you bestie-pants! also, pointing out that you speak french enough to make a funny :D congrats!!!