Tuesday, March 29, 2011

France is the least of my concerns

Uggh internet do I want to do a Master's in speech pathology (lots of science, lots of phonology which wasn't always my favorite) or get my Master's/teaching credential in early childhood education?!?!?! TOO MANY CHOICES...


  1. either one involves small children! yay kiddliwinks. I vote early childhood education cuz that would be helpful experience to have if you went into children's speech pathology. plus if you felt like it later you could teach french to small children or teach at one of those fancy bilingual french/american schools in SF and live at 1037 church street :-p

  2. I vote Master's in early childhood education! :) I think that would be more rewarding. And you already have experience working with low-income children. But, speech pathology may be more stimulating for the brain (all that science and phonology). In the end, you need to decide what would make you happier

  3. I should probably add that speech pathologists make like 30k more than teachers and I have looootttsss of debttttt haha ;)